Which lubricant for your Same Iron 130 DCR (2008 - )?

Choosing the best Yacco lubricant for the maintenance of your Same Iron 130 DCR ? Yacco gives you a complete professional advice on selecting your motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle), power steering and brake fluids, coolants.

Engine Deutz TCD 2012 L06 2V DCR


  • Capacity 13 litre
  • Filter capacity 1 litre

Differential, front


  • Capacity 5,8 litre

Hub reductions, front


  • Capacity 0,8 litre (each hub)

Hub reductions, rear


  • Capacity 9 litre (each hub)

Power take off, front


  • Capacity 0,9 litre



  • Capacity 78-80 litre

Hydraulic brake system

Grease points/nipples

Cooling system


  • Capacity 18 litre

Use : Normal

Intervals :
  • Check 10 hours
  • Change 12 months/ 1000 hours

Special Product

The database in this YACCO web site is a guide for the correct oil for your vehicle. It is established by comparing the range of YACCO lubricants to the standards and requirements of the manufacturers. This web site helps decision-making but does not replace the oil recommendation advice of the professional, whose liability can be engaged in case of non-respect of the oil sump capacities and of the OEM matched specification indicated in the maintenance booklet and/or in the technical documentation of the Manufacturer.