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Yacco DIESEL CARE is specially formulated to prevent engine sludge, dirt and carbon build-up in all types of Diesel engines, including modern ones fitted with injection systems (Common Rail, pump injectors, direct injection…) and particulate filters.

Used regularly, Yacco DIESEL CARE cleans and keeps clean the injection pump, injectors, combustion chambers, turbo and EGR valves. This maintains the vehicle to maximum efficiency and extends life of components.

Properties and advantages

- Prevents build-up of deposits inside all types of Diesel engines (incl. Common Rail, direct injection…)
- Compatible with particulate filters
- Improves the lubrication and prevents pump and injectors wear
- Increases the Cetane number for easier start-up and lower engine noise
- Helps reduce fuel consumption, CO2 and polluting emissions
- Improves water dispersion and prevents its accumulation in the tank
- Helps reduce the foaming tendency of Diesel fuels.

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