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Yaccoline FAP CLEAN optimizes the regeneration of particulate filters, especially for vehicles used under severe service conditions (frequent short journeys, low speed,…) under which the regeneration conditions are not met.
This product is suitable for all types of particulate filters, except those already using a regeneration fluid (PSA® technology).

Properties and advantages

The organometallic additive allows the soot combustion at a lower temperature; this helps to eliminate the soot deposits and prevents the DPF from blocking

Yaccoline FAP CLEAN acts as a catalyst; this improves the speed of soot combustion and eases the regeneration of the DPF under any service conditions.

The use of such fluid is most required in service conditions under which a quick and complete regeneration is not possible (short journeys, low speed, city traffic…)

The easier combustion protects the DPF by preventing overheat in the system. This extends the DPF’s lifetime and maintains its optimal performance.

Avoid the abnormal and long regeneration process of the DPF, this protects the engine oil from excessive pollution. This concentrated treatment is easy to use; just pour the dose in the Diesel tank.

Caution use

Before refueling, pour one dose of YACCO FAP CLEAN for a 50 to 60 L fuel tank.
When filling less than a 25L tank, reduce the quantity of FAP CLEAN accordingly to prevent an overdose in the application.
Use FAP CLEAN once every 3 to 4 tank fill.

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