CLIM in 1

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Yaccoline CLIM EN 1 is a bactericidal and disinfectant cleaning solution spray. This product stops the proliferation of micro-organisms, deodorizes and eliminates bad smells by attacking them at their source.

Properties and advantages

- Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities according to EN 1276 and 1650 standards
- Stops the proliferation of micro-organisms: bacteria, yeasts and molds
- Simultaneously treats the interior of the car and the air conditioning system


1. Draw back the passenger seat and set the spray can on the car floor
2. Open the car vents
3. Engine running, turn on the air conditioning to its maximum in “inside recycling” mode
4. Open the spray
5. Close all the car windows and doors
6. Wait for 10 minutes after emptying the spray
7. Stop the air conditioning and open the car doors for a good ventilation

Caution of use

- Easily inflammable product.
- Keep away from any flame or spark source
- Store at a temperature greater than 5°C
- Use this spray only for its intended applications
- Before use, follow the safety instructions mentioned on the packaging and on the MSDS available upon request and on

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