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  • 3105
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 5W50

Yacco Galaxy GT 5W50 is a 100% synthetic lube formulated with polyalphaolefins and esters to deliver optimum lubrication under extreme conditions.

Yacco Galaxy GT 5W50 lube is adapted to engines in heavily loaded sports or passenger vehicles running on road or track. Originally developed to lubricate potentially turbocharged and multi-valve petrol engines, this lubricant is also suitable for LPG and diesel engines.

Yacco Galaxy GT 5W50 is recommended for all engines when the manufacturer recommends or authorizes the use of a SAE 5W50 lube.


API SN/CF (Surpasse les exigences API SG, API SH, API SJ, SL, SM)

ACEA A3/B4 (Surpasse les exigences ACEA A3/B3)

MB 229.3; VW 502.00/505.00

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