BVX V 1000 75W80

  • 3411
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 75W80

Yacco BVX V 1000 75W80 is a 100% synthetic lube designed for the lubrication of mechanical transmissions and gearboxes of vehicles when the manufacturer requires an SAE 75W80 synthetic lube meeting one of the standards opposite.

Yacco BVX V 1000 75W80 has been developed for transmissions with or without Intarder (new gearboxes or rebuilt with carbon synchros).


Volvo 97307


Voith Retarder 153.00090010/VOITH Class C

Eaton Manual Transmission

MAN 341 Type E-4/V-R, MB 235.29, ZF TE-ML02D

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