Lube J 0W20

  • 3047
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 0W20

Yacco Lube J 0W20 is a fully synthetic low viscosity lubricant for high performance gasoline engines. It is especially developed to meet the Jaguar Land Rover ST JLR.51.5122 specification when the use of a SAE 0W20 engine oil is exclusively recommended (engines series 3.0 L S/C,5.0 L & 5.0 L S/C produced from 2015).

Yacco Lube J 0W20 very low viscosity provides quick oil flow for increased fuel economy. This helps to reduce exhaust gas emissions (CO2, NOx, particulates…), whilst maintaining an excellent engine protection against wear. Excellent detergent/dispersant properties keep engines clean.

Yacco Lube J 0W20 provides easier cold temperature start-up, in particular when the outside temperature is extremely low.


ST JLR.51.5122 Jaguar Land Rover acknowledgement, ACEA C5

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