• 3067
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 0W20

Yacco Lube W 0W20 is a 100 % synthetic motor oil with a very low viscosity especially designed for the latest VW engines. Specifically recommended for Volkswagen Group engines requiring the use of a SAE 0W20 fuel economy lubricant meeting VW 508.00/VW 509.00 or VW TL 5257 (VW Blue Oil) standards. Low viscosity (SAE 0W-20 viscosity) allows a quick oil flow, provides increased fuel economy and keeps exhaust emissions (CO2, NOX…) extremely low, whilst maintaining outstanding protection against engine wear.

Yacco Lube W 0W20 contains low of Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur for extended lifetime of particulate filters and catalytic converters. PAO-based synthetic formula provides outstanding resistance to oxidation.

Yacco Lube W 0W20 has an excellent detergent and dispersant properties keep the engine clean. His Outstanding shear stability maintains sufficient film strength at 100 °C and 150 °C. This allows a perfect lubrication at high temperature, under any service condition.

Yacco Lube W 0W20 is especially designed to meet the most severe driving conditions (urban traffic, motorway…)


Volkswagen VW 508.00/509.00; Porsche C20

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