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Yacco ANTIGEL ORGANIQUE is a concentrated coolant based on monoethylene glycol. It provides the ultimate anti-boil, anti-freeze and corrosion protection. It is to be used at 25% to 50% by volume in soft or demineralised water. Recommended for all cooling systems: passenger cars, trucks, construction and agricultural equipment, motorcycles…

Yacco ANTIGEL ORGANIQUE is suitable for use in all engines made of cast iron, aluminum or a combination of both metals, and in cooling systems made of aluminum and copper alloys.

Properties and advantages

- Long Life coolant that incorporates carboxylate corrosion inhibitors combined to the latest Organic Additive Technology (OAT).
- Provides increased protection of thermostats, radiators and water pumps
- Its inhibitor package is more stable and stays in solution better than traditional coolants.
- Improves heat transfers and brings excellent protection at high temperature, particularly in modern engines that have aluminium heat exchangers.
- Compatible with other similarly formulated OAT coolants or high performance traditional coolants.
- Non-aggressive towards seals, hoses and rubber fitting.
- Its long life OAT formula helps to protect the environment


CNH MAT3624, Cummins CES14603/14439, Deutz DQC CB-14, Ford

WSS-M97B44-D, General Motors GM 6277M, Liebbherr MD1-36-130,

Mercedes-Benz MB 325.3, MAN 324 type SNF, Volkswagen TL 774F

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