Galaxie 5W30

  • 3098
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 5W30

This 100% synthetic lubricant is formulated with polyalphaolefins (PAO) and esters ensuring an optimal lubrication under extreme service conditions. For highly stressed sport or grand touring engines used on roads or circuits.

Galaxie 5W30 is initially developed for gasoline engines, turbocharged-or-not, multivalve-or-not, this lubricant is also suitable for LPG and Diesel engines.

Galaxie 5W-30 is recommended to any engine for which the manufacturer recommends or specifies the use of an SAE 5W-30 meeting one of the specifications indicated below.

Properties and advantages

SAE 5W viscosity and 100 % synthetic formula provide easy start-ups and quick engine protection at cold temperature.

Excellent shear resistance maintaining a thick oil film at hot temperature even under severe service conditions.

Reinforced thermal stability preventing deposits formation.

Very low volatility allowing to reduce oil consumption

Excellent detergent-dispersant properties keeping the engine clean.



API SL (Répond aux exigences des essais moteur de la spécification API SN).

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