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  • Viscosity : 00

Yaccoline CENPLON is a unleaded gasoline additive. It allows the use of unleaded Gasoline in 4-stroke engines designed for leaded Gasoline (cars, gardening equipment…).

Properties and advantages

- Prevents valve seats recession when operating on unleaded Gasoline
- Maintains a good valve tightness
- Good lubricating properties


Mixing : 10 ml for 10 liters of Gasoline. Press on the bottom of the bottle to obtain the right quantity of additive according to the graduation. Pour it into the tank before refuelling.
Packaging : bottle of 250ml with integrated dosage system. The dosage system can measure the adequate quantity to treat 10, 15, 20 or 25 liters of Gasoline.

Caceploution use

Respect the instructions and directions indicated on the label of the bottle and in the MSDS available on www.yacco.com



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