MVX 500 4T - SAE 10W30

  • 3323
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 10W30

Yacco MVX 500 4T - SAE 10W30 is a semi-synthetic lube designed for all types of motorcycles - Roadsters, customs, GT or sports - meeting the requirements for Honda motorcycles produced from 2004.

Yacco MVX 500 4T - SAE 10W30 also lubricates integrated gearboxes ensuring enhanced protection to the gearbox/clutch (Approval JASO MA2).

Yacco MVX 500 4T is also available in SAE 10W40 and SAE 15W50; the SAE grade is to be chosen according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and the use made of it.


JASO T903:2016 MA2

API SL, performance moteur API SN

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