Jet Race 4T - SAE 10W60 Buy this product

  • 3375
  • Applications : PAO ESTERS
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 10W60

Yacco JET-RACE 4T SAE 10W60 is a 100% synthetic Ester/PAO (Polyalphaolefins) based 4-stroke engine oil, specially developed for Jet-ski used in severe service conditions or in competition. It is suitable to race prepared 4-stroke engines of Kawasaki, Yamaha...

Yacco JET-RACE 4T SAE 10W60 provides excellent shear resistance maintaining a thick oil film at hot temperature even under severe service conditions.

Yacco JET-RACE 4T SAE 10W60 has a very low volatility for reduced oil consumption. His good detergent-dispersant properties keep engines clean.

Yacco JET-RACE 4T SAE 10W60 has a low viscosity at cold temperature insuring a good protection of the engine at start-up.



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