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Yacco Aqua Grease is an extreme pressure grease totally insoluble in water. Its tacky consistency and strong adherence allow a wide range of application for many types of equipment: marine, gardening, agriculture, public works, transportation, industry, etc.

Yacco Aqua Grease is especially recommended for equipment operating in water or mud, submitted to weather- and dust or exposed to corrosive atmospheres (recreational or professional marine equipment, port facilities, construction equipment, agricultural or gardening equipment...)

Yacco Aqua Grease provides an excellent protection against corrosion. It is ideally suited to marine equipment (chandlery) exposed to sea water and mist.

Yacco Aqua Grease is a long life grease with excellent adherence and tacky consistency for wider regreasing intervals. His good extreme pressure properties provide excellent protection to heavily loaded parts (bearings, ...)

His High dropping point (180 °C) for increased resistance on parts subject to high temperature.

Available for export market : 400G, 250ML and 1KG.


Graisse NLGI 2

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