VX 1000FAP 5W40

  • 3025
  • Applications : MID SAPS
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosity : 5W40

Yacco VX 1000FAP 5W40 is a synthetic lube intended for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars. The "LOW SAPS" technology provides optimum protection of particulate filters.

Yacco VX 1000FAP 5W40 has received numerous manufacturers approvals including VW 505.01 approval for VW group diesel injectors.


API SN, VW 505.00/505.01 (vidange maxi 15 000 km et/ou 1 an)

Renault RN0710/RN0700, Porsche A40, MB-Approval 229.31/226.5


ACEA C3, API CF, GM dexos2TM, Fiat 9.55535-S2

BMW Longlife-04, VW 502.00

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